VANOS - Part 2

VANOS - Part 2
Make: BMW
Estimated run time: 10 Chapters, 64 minutes
Price: $14.99
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"VANOS - Part 2" On Demand video training! This video training is the perfect follow up to our VANOS - Part 1 On Demand video training with the ins and outs of BMW's widely used Dual VANOS variable valve timing system.

"VANOS - Part 2" On Demand video training has the basics you need to understand Dual VANOS so you can fix it fast and get it right the first time. "VANOS - Part 2" is heavily illustrated and packed with tips and tricks to help you avoid the pitfalls that can cost you $$$. This is going to help you understand exactly what you're going to see the next time a BMW comes rattling into your shop.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • Dual VANOS System Overview and System Description
  • Common Dual VANOS problems
  • Step by step piston seal replacement, including
    • Valve cover removal
    • Removing the Dual VANOS unit
    • Disassembling the Dual VANOS unit
    • Piston Seal removal and installation
    • Reinstalling the pistons
    • Reinstalling the Dual VANOS unit
    • Putting it all back together and making sure it's done right