Mercedes Benz Body Electronics II

Mercedes Benz Body Electronics II
softcover/spiral bound, 11 x 8.5 in
431 pages,
Publisher: Euro-Diagnostic Resources, Inc. and Baum Tools Unlimited, Inc.
Price: $250.00

Diagnostic training and reference for Mercedes Benz Body Electronics is finally available for your shop! Mercedes Body Electronics is the manual we wrote for our two day Mercedes seminars. Covering system-specific diagnosis and service for Mercedes cars, this book includes upgrades and revisions based on feedback from hundreds of European specialists that have attended our seminars in the last five years. CAN-Bus, Networking and Communications, TPM, Central Locking, HVAC and Vario Roof, if you work on Mercedes cars you need this book in your shop library!


  • CAN configuration W221 (X30 Connectors)
  • Networking & Communications (CAN)
    • Digital TELE AID System
    • Audio / Communications / MOST Structure
    • SDS/DAS Diagnostics TELE AID
    • SD Control Module (N55) R230
    • SDS/DAS Diagnostics SD Module (N55)
    • 4 Steps for CAN Diagnostics
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring (TPM)
    • TPM / TPC Activation & Learning W211
    • SDS/DAS TPM Diagnostics
  • Vario Roof R230 (SL Model)
    • Operation
    • Rollover Bar
    • Communications & Diagnostics
    • Hydraulics
    • Rollbar Components
    • Microswitch Diagnostics
  • Active Body Control
    • Topology
    • Control Load Compensation
    • SDS/DAS (ABC) Diagnostics
  • Central Locking / PSE Function
    • PSE Locking Data Management 
    • PSE / ATA System Integration
  • AAC / HVAC
    • Input Signals
    • Vents and Circulation
    • Blower Regulation
    • Stepper Motors
    • Duo Valve (A31y1 – y2)
    • Temperature Sensor
    • Variable Displacement Compressor (A9)
    • Evaporator Temperature Sensor
    • Refrigerant Pressure Sensor
    • Additional Sensors
    • Suction Fan & PWM Regulator
    • Tunnel Feature
    • Optional A/C System
    • SDS/DAS AAC/HVAC Diagnostics

Table of Contents: