Introduction to Volkswagen/Audi OBD-II Electronic Troubleshooting


Make: Volkswagen, Audi
Estimated run time: 4 Chapters, app. 35 minutes
Price: $14.99
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This On Demand Video about VW and Audi Diagnostics has all the basics that you need! We'll help you get the most out of your Aftermarket or Factory scan tool with clear, concise descriptions and illustrations describing the fundamentals of VW and Audi Diagnostic functions and strategy.

  • OBD-II History and Overview
  • OBD-II Data Transfer Modes
  • Compare SAE P Codes to VAG Specific Codes
  • Descriptions of Selected Functions used in VAG Diagnostics
  • Where and how Aftermarket Scan tools might differ from VW/Audi factory scan tools
  • How VAG Diagnostic Functions use and extend OBD-II functions
  • Using VAG Diagnostic Functions to drill down to the data you need
  • Function 08: Read Measuring Value Blocks in depth
  • Function 15: Readiness Code in depth