Garage Spiel

The Garage Spiel Podcast features interviews with shop owners, technicians and other movers and shakers in the auto industry, as well as technical repair tips for European cars.

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Garage Spiel - Interview Part Two with Bob Beckmann of Beckmann Technologies

Part Two of our interview with Bob Beckmann. In this episode, Bob tells us a little about his new company, BlueLink Diagnostic Solutions, and talks about aftermarket access to automotive security related information.

Garage Spiel - Interview Part One with Bob Beckmann of Beckmann Technologies

Part One of our interview with Bob Beckmann, the owner of Beckmann Technologies in Raleigh North Carolina. Beckmann Technologies rebuilds control units and electronic parts for Mercedes vehicles. In this episode, Bob talks about how he got started in the business.

Garage Spiel - Interview with Mike Almond of Diagnostic Solutions Canada

In this episode Mike Almond, President of Diagnostic Solutions Canada, tells us about some of the issues facing the independent auto technician today.