EOBD Code Breaker

Code Breaker
softcover/perfect bound, 11 x 8.5 in
367 pages,
ISBN-13: 978-0-9562699-0-4
Publisher: Mototek Solutions Ltd.
Price: $70.00

The “Code Breaker” is the only publication available with more than 2700 fault code numbers with detailed description and repair suggestions all lined up in an easy to reference format. In this format we list the code number, the associated component description, the detailed component system description, and a meaningful list of suggestions and quick checks to be made for that code. All of this in 300+ pages in one book! In addition we feature:

  • How fault codes are detected
    • OBD
    • Circuit / Electrical faults
    • System performance and range / performance faults
  • Monitoring the signals used in sensors and actuators
    • Monitoring signal voltage, frequency, pulse width, etc
  • Identifying faulty signals
    • Electrical fault or system fault
    • Signal “Operating range”
  • Understanding frequently used fault code definitions
    • Defining the “circuit” faults
    • Frequently used fault code definitions for sensors and actuators
  • Component location
    • ISO and vehicle manufacture component location
    • Examples of locations for O2 / Lambda sensors and and catalyst converters
    • Examples of component / sensor locations on turbo / supercharged engines
  • Break down of the different CAN bus operations

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