Electrical Basics Using Ohm's Law - On Demand Video

Electrical Basics Using Ohm's Law - On Demand Video

Make: Volkswagen, Audi, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Porsche
Estimated run time: 5 Chapters, 58 minutes total
Price: $14.99
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A comprehensive On Demand video introduction to the fundamentals of Automotive Electrical.

Whether you work on European, Asian or Domestic cars, this video training lays the foundation for technicians who are just starting out, and makes the perfect refresher course for experienced technicians! And it's a must have for those of you who will be working on Hybrids and Electric Cars!
"Electrical Basics Using Ohms Law" is heavily illustrated to help you visualize electrical concepts. This course will:
  • Guide you through the fundamentals of electricity
  • Describe the relationship between voltage, current and resistance using Ohm's Law
  • Show you how voltage and current work in a series or parallel circuit
  • Explain the different circuit types
  • Teach you how to diagnose electrical problems in circuits
  • Illustrate the operation of common automotive electrical components