BMW CAN & Bus Systems

BMW CAN & Bus Systems
softcover/spiral bound, 11 x 8.5 in
368 pages,
Publisher: Euro-Diagnostic Resources, Inc. and Baum Tools Unlimited, Inc.
Price: $250.00

Here's your go-to reference guide for BMW CAN and Bus Systems. Detailed real world information for the systems that you work on day in and day out. Clear, simple explanations with lot's of charts and illustrations to help you quickly understand the complexities of BMW CAN technology. This must-have book also includes hard to find reference material for your shop library.Includes:

  • The Power Supply System
  • The Battery
  • The Charging System Basics
  • The Bus Systems
  • The Diagnostic Bus (D-Bus)
  • The Controller Area Network (CAN-Bus)
  • The Powertrain CAN (PT-CAN)
  • CAN-Bus Diagnostics
  • The I/K Bus System
  • The Peripheral Bus (P-Bus)
  • The Motor Bus (M-Bus)
  • The Local Interconnect Network (LIN-Bus)
  • BYTEFLIGHT (Fiber-Optics)
  • Coding and Programming (ZCS and Variant Coding)
  • The Media Oriented System Transport (MOST Bus)

Table of Contents: